Welcome to my Pleasantly Practical Blog

If you asked anyone that knew me they would probably tell that I am neither pleasant nor practical. Besides the fact, you have to admit that it's a catchy title. Not to mention I spent hours on my banner. Yes, I did, in fact, make that all by myself. No matter, I have decided to keep a personal blog that features me. Wow, that sounds really conceded. But, come on, you blog about yourself too, am I right?
Besides, I find that our personal life stories are what help others to grow. And what is the point of living such a glorious life if you can't brag about it?

A little about James

I am a dreamer, a philanthropist, and true hero to many people... Nah, I'm just jerking your chain. Quite frankly I am a coffee addict with an thirst for knowledge. I grew up with a bleeding disorder, Hemophilia, which didn't leave much room for physical exertion. So, I have grown to love the written word and others' perspectives on many topics.

It is no secret that I dream to be a writer one day. I still have many things to achieve before that becomes a reality. But I believe it is a dream worth fighting for, just like any other. This is odd, usually I have much to say but I think I'll save a little mystery for my readers. That, and I'm really drawing blanks right now. 

Anyhow, welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay. I will be sharing my writing adventures, freebies for potential bloggers, tips for blogging, some life stories, and many other ramblings. I guarantee I have something to say which will appeal to all audiences. I am so full of myself. But, you get the idea. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact me. Take care and be sure to wash your sheets at least once every two weeks. 

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