Day 5: What Memories do you Cherish?

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On a normal day, I would tell you all about my cherished memories. I mean, this is a blog about creative writing, right? But, I endured something a few years ago that took part of my memory. I was diagnosed with epilepsy as a preteen. Around my 20th birthday, I had multiple seizures which really affected my memory. Well, I'm sure you can imaging banging your head on the floor does nothing for your brain cell development. Even though I don't recall memories before the age of 15, I still remember how I felt when looking at a specific photographs. So, I'm going to share some photographic memories with you.

Day 4: What is Your Most Prized Possession?

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Honestly, this was not hard for me at all. I knew what my most prized possession was the moment I read the challenge; my writing folder. Since I was young, I have had a fascination with the written word. Honestly, there is no specific genre or technique I prefer above others. All writing enlightens, encourages, and astounds me.

Day 3: What makes you proud of your heritage?

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MacGregor Family Crest: Royal is Our Blood
Thanks to my parents, I am infatuated with my genealogy and ancestry. My family comes from the Highlands of Scotland. I guess it would explain my obsession with Celtic music, Druidry, study of the elements, etc. But there is one Scottish element in particular that I find fascinating; the story of Robert Roy MacGregor, my ancestor.

Day 2: What is Your Secret to Happiness?

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Art Accredited to Greg Olson: Lost & Found

I love my family. They have my best interests at heart and love me as I am while helping me be all I can be. They are courageous enough to hold me accountable and to ask the right questions, as well as being wise enough to trust their heart in asking questions they know need asked.

Day 1: Branding Yourself as A Writer

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Branding is not subjective to models and marketing companies. It is very important to brand yourself as a person, no matter your career choice. For writers, however, it is even more important to refer to a particular word that inspires you. This word is your brand. It is the word you live by, the word you showcase in your work.