The Hunger Games: What I Learned

Photo Credit: curry23 from Deviant Art. Title: Katniss, the Mocking Jay
Finally, I had the opportune chance to read the trilogy and watch the famed movie; The Hunger Games. Let me tell you something about this story, it is not a game, nor is it too far from the truth. You must have realized this while watching the movie. The story is very real and the symbolism to today's controversy is uncanny. It is the first movie that has made me cry in months. Okay, that's a lie because I'm made of blubbering material.

Usually, when I watch a movie I can clearly point out the lessons learned. For some reason, this one took me a while. I didn't understand the message from reading the books alone. But when I saw the adaptation, it became so apparent that the lessons are simple.

1. Fight the good fight

The first insight that sparked fury and peace inside of me was the fact that it is possible to fight against the Capitol. No mortal man or woman is morally obligated to abide by Capitol law. The constitution of the United States of America is undoubtedly a peace treaty between the government and public. Need a reminder?

I pledge allegiance to the flag 
of the United States of America.
And to the Republic, for which it stands.
One nation, under God, indivisible; 
with liberty and justice for all.

(E.g. I used the pledge of allegiance because I am an American Citizen and believe in the justice and mercy of the U.S. constitution. No offense is intended.)

If you don't believe there is relation to the Constitution and Katniss, then we read two completely different stories. The point is, you do have a moral obligation to keep tranquility and establish true justice. Don't be afraid to fight against the Capitol. You may be surprised who is watching your back.

2. Mercy cannot exist without justice

As we saw on film, the Capitol is perfectly willing to sacrifice children to prove their point and punish the Districts. Playing on the sympathies of the citizens of the Capitol works. Why does it work? Because the Districts were forced into a position of peace-keeping; forcibly risking their own lives for the sake of justice. Really?

Do you realize how the American Capitol watches you and feeds on your willingness to share your darkest secrets? Do you understand that mercy does not prevail when a corrupt government operates for the sake of their own? We are like fish out of water, we just don't realize we can't breath anymore.

3. It's time to change

There is a reason that everyone related to this story so clearly. We all see the potential our world has, yet we refuse to act on it because of fear. Well, stop it. The author is trying to tell us that if we do not change our inhumane ways (war, pollution, destruction, discrimination, torturing others, etc.), we will be destroyed.

I don't know if I will see the fall of our country or the final battles prophesied through time. But I do know that we are reaching the thin line of humanity and inhumanity and will eventually be erased. Katniss speaks of this quite frequently. The Hunger Games show the barbaric ways of the future human population. So the question is, what are you going to do to change that? 

Take caution, use your strengths. Remember, a testimony of truth is not just a religious concept. It is a testament of beliefs concerning you. What do you believe in? Don't believe in something because it's justified or makes you angry. Believe in something because it brings you peace. Just like your hero, Katniss.

"May the odds be ever in your favor."

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