Day 2: What is Your Secret to Happiness?

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I love my family. They have my best interests at heart and love me as I am while helping me be all I can be. They are courageous enough to hold me accountable and to ask the right questions, as well as being wise enough to trust their heart in asking questions they know need asked.

Today, I discovered that questions are such a powerful tool for effecting change. They force you to look inside yourself concerning what you truly feel; sometimes you find the instinctive answer that has truth to it. 

Today, my mother and I had one of our "seminars" and I was surprised to hear her ask some of the questions she had. Even though I couldn't answer her questions right away, I knew I needed to answer them eventually for my sake. On the drive home I contemplated our discussion on eternal happiness and surrender. For a brief moment I almost avoided this post. I knew I needed to answer my mothers questions; but knowing isn't doing. Typically, I would have avoided them. But my mother has taught me that what you resist, persists. I just realized that my life pattern likes to avoid what is better for my spirit.

So, I sit here with my laptop exploring the questions my mother and I debated over. I tend to over exaggerate and look for the humanistic truth. But mortal answers do not nurture my spirit. Now, I understand what nurturing means to me and how to do it; to achieve happiness.

I believe that happiness is a balance of body, mind, and spirit. In the last couple of years I have nourished my mind through hundreds, if not thousands of books on a huge variety of subjects, searching for truth. But I have neglected to consider the nourishment I place in my spirit. When we nourish our spirits with truthful happiness, we surrender to our higher power by faith. But when we nourish our spirits with darkness, we surrender to questions and curiosities that should be left alone.

My mother shared a testimony of her happiness with me today. It was at that moment that I realized how silly I was for making happiness more complex than it truly is. Happiness is so simple. Happiness is faith, hope, charity, and love. It is nothing more, it is nothing less.

Yesterday I would have told you that my secret to happiness was seeking for truth. But, today I can proudly tell you that I find happiness in accepting what I believe to be true and living by it. No question, no hesitation. Just by admitting that to you, I feel lighter than I did just moments ago. I feel nurtured, peaceful, content, and happy.

- James

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2 Responses to “Day 2: What is Your Secret to Happiness?”

  1. That's very precious James. I've found that happiness lies in helping others the way God wants me too. If I try and do it in my own strength I fail. That leads to discouragement. But if I allow Him to work through me more is accomplished and the results are more lasting.

    It's good to reflect on past ways He has used me too. Sometimes I get pretty low but He will remind me of ways He has used me in the past and that motivates me to move forward.

    1. Thanks you for sharing that, Rod. Isn't it interesting how the simplest of actions create our happiness. Whether they be small acts of kindness, words of encouragement, or simply being present when needed.

      I've always found comfort in knowing the Gods plan is accurate, everlasting, and never changing. He knows us better than anyone, so why is so hard to surrender to Him?