Day 3: What makes you proud of your heritage?

MacGregor Family Crest: Royal is Our Blood
Thanks to my parents, I am infatuated with my genealogy and ancestry. My family comes from the Highlands of Scotland. I guess it would explain my obsession with Celtic music, Druidry, study of the elements, etc. But there is one Scottish element in particular that I find fascinating; the story of Robert Roy MacGregor, my ancestor.


My ancestors, the MacGregors, were one of the most famous victims of the Campbell's Clan expansionism. The Campbell's were granted my families land for no good reason that I can find. Selection, I suppose, by the Duke. From what I understand, people hated my ancestors, treating them like garbage for their humanity. At the time, mid 1200's, the world was changing politically, and my ancestors believed in peace, equality.

After a series of incidents my entire family was outlawed in 1603. Shortly after a victory battle between the MacGregors and the Campbells, King James VI outlawed my family from the Highlands. Saying that their name was to be abolished and those born to it were to renounce the name or face death. Really?

Loch Katrine, Scotland: Homeland in the Highlands of the MacGregor Clan

During this time of persecution, my ancestor, Rob Roy, also known as Red MacGregor for his deep red hair, was the famous Scottish folk hero of the 18th century; best known as the Scottish Robin Hood. Roy fought in the Battle of Glen Shiel in 1719 and was badly wounded He spent most of his later life waging a feud against James Graham, 1st duke of Montrose, who succeeded in entangling Roy in debt that ruined him.

What I Admire

I could go on and on about my family history and how I envy their ability to move forward while continuing to fight for what they believed was right. I find it interesting that the MacGregor Clan titled themselves "Royal is my Blood." This could be because they were descendants of the first King of Scotland. It could also explain the condition, Hemophilia, which is apparent in my family. Maybe it is their example of humility that they consider themselves royal.

What I do know for sure is that my ancestors always questioned the Capitol. They refused to conform just because it was law. For years they were overthrown by greedy individuals unable to take care of themselves. Forcing my ancestors into a statement of slavery. 

The Plantation of my MacGregor Ancestors: Loch Katrine, Scotland

Rob Roy is a hero to me. Some people dispute his actions as the Scottish Robin Hood. But you will notice that it is only families of entitlement who dispute this. My ancestors saw major uprising flaws in the system and took matters into their own hands. Because of their heroic acts, Scotland is now a peaceful land. Poor, but humble. I look at the government today and see the fear in the public's eyes. The willingness to conform for monetary value, including higher taxes. Do you see a pattern here?

Birthplace of Robert Roy MacGregor: Loch Katrine, Scotland

If I've learned anything from my ancestors it's that I should never give up because the Capitol puts road blocks in my way. I am poor, consider myself humble, and refuse to give in to conformity. No, I'm not going to start robbing the government to give to the poor. But I think it is time that I start robbing them of their right to decide what is best for me. 

The government has no right to decide who deserves medical assistance, home ownership, financial aid, etc. Why? Because they entitle it to themselves and their descendants. But, my ancestors reminded of the importance to continue to do what's right by the land and my God; but I shall never stop fighting for what is truly right. I've noticed one thing in my family that correlates with our genealogical roots. We will continue to keep peace where it is valued, but you will NEVER silence us.

MacGregor Family Plot: Scotland

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