Day 4: What is Your Most Prized Possession?

Honestly, this was not hard for me at all. I knew what my most prized possession was the moment I read the challenge; my writing folder. Since I was young, I have had a fascination with the written word. Honestly, there is no specific genre or technique I prefer above others. All writing enlightens, encourages, and astounds me.

I remember as a child that I kept several journals. One for my health journey concerning hemophilia and epilepsy, one for my favorite quotes, one for my poetry, and others for history sake. By the time I reached high school I had a memory box full of written materials. All of which are still with me today. I thought you would appreciate a picture of my folder instead of my boxes of paper with scribbles.

The folder that you see in the picture contains my latest treasures; some poems, unsent letters, songs, story starters, and magazine submissions. It is my security blanket. Jason, my life partner, told me that it is the only thing I carry with me everywhere. It wasn't until he pointed it out that it's true. I will not leave it at home alone, it must always be with me. Whether I'm at the store, on vacation, or the doctors, my writing folder is always by my side.

It may sound silly but it's more than secrets and unidentified works. It's my history, my genealogy, and my life. If you're wondering about the art, yes, I drew it. I kept having a recurring dream showing that exact image. I felt the need to draw it immediately. The image reminds that when I am influenced by the power of words I must write them down as soon as possible. This reminder has served me well.

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